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Hi, I’m Tereza.

I’m a certifed sex and life coach. I believe that as human beings, we are sexual beings. Our sexual well-being influences our satisfaction with all other aspects of our living.

My mission is to guide you to reach a greater level of pleasure, enhance the quality of your intimate relationships and boost your sexual confidence. Feel free to get in touch with me about your 20-min complimentary call to find out how to begin your journey to experience the sex that brings you joy and fulfillment.

I am based in Prague, but working globally through Meet or Skype.

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What do my clients say?


„I would like to share my experience with counselling with Tereza Sýkorová. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a long period, and over time we gradually ceased to enjoy sex. Subconsciously, I felt the need to consult it with someone from a psychological point of view rather than dealing with a gynaecologist; most things are in the head after all. Tereza had a very nice, empathetic approach when we talked it through and she comforted me. She gave me a couple of easy suggestions on how to relax a bit, and it worked it out. In February, there is going to be a three of us in our family. ☺ She shared sincere joy with us and we are staying in touch.“

Daniela, 33, Czech Republic


We met Tereza in a particularly difficult stage of our relationship. We were facing with couple of problems such as long distance, not equivalent expectations and high uncertainties related to the future of our couple. She has been very capable of creating a relaxing atmosphere in this context. I think it is more crucial in terms of sex coaching. It is something that most people try not to discuss about, even with our partners! She could understand our peculiarities very easily and always came up with some practical solutions. In the end, she managed really well our different points of view concerning a variety of subjects. More precisely, she made us understand that the key factor for a healthy sex life is the openness to compromising and to dialogue. With my partner, we could discuss our sex life more openly and could consider some new options to improve it. Tereza was always there with her clear ideas to unblock some persisting problems between me and my partner. To sum up, I can easily say that Tereza had a very good balance between professionalism and the conviviality. I think that it is the key for having satisfying results for such consulting. So, I can wholeheartedly recommend her!

Adam, 28, France 


Sessions with Tereza Sýkorová are one of the things I can highly recommend to everyone. Although this is my first coaching experience, I think I could not have chosen better. Tereza is very empathetic and the sessions with her are delightful. From each of our appointments, I am taking away something, be it good advice or a pleasant feeling that I could share to someone who understands.

Michala, 29, Czech Republic


Tereza helped me understand how to talk to my wife about spanking. She also reminded me of what is the worst thing that can happen. I felt very comfortable expressing desires and the whys behind it. She was caring and exploratory. She gave me great resources to go off.

Jonathan, 29, United States


With Tereza, I was finally able to talk about sex without shaking, which I was dealing with in the past. Tereza gave me some tips and recommended where to find the answers to the questions I’m interested in. Thanks to coaching, I have learnt new things, learnt not to be afraid to talk openly about sex, and to have the courage to look for women. Thanks again for that.

Vladimír, 30, Czech Republic


I followed a couple’s coaching with Tereza. She took the time to get to know my partner and I both individually and as a couple. She provided us several tools and methods to understand our wills and expectations for the relationship, so as to be able to identify the ways to improve it and make it as fulfilling as possible. Without Tereza, we would not have been able to identify some issues in our relationship, and to work on them. We always felt at ease with Tereza, and free to bring up any concerns or suggestions.

Charlotte, 24, France


Tereza showed me that you need to devote time and space to sex. That opening up to a professional and trying new techniques, both by means of visualization and practice, does work – and then you wonder, what have I been waiting for?
As in other areas of life, when you move forward in one, the others get affected as well.
Really, I was so surprised how much of an impact the sessions had. Not only have I approached everything with more confidence, but also with ease.
I got rid of stereotypical thoughts such as either having a good sex life from the beginning of a relationship or not having one at all, or that you can only be good or bad in bed.
I did learn how to enjoy sex even without an orgasm, and that by allowing to enjoy oneself even without an orgasm in mind, it is possible to experience even more of them than you could ever imagine.
I learnt that you can allow yourself to be tired and lazy one day and horny the other, allow to be your true self.

Julie, 35, Czech Republic